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Comic Covers of Evil
Four disturbing comic book covers from the 1970s.

Superman kneeling and 
kissing the thigh-high boots of Star Sapphire.
Superman issue 261 February 1973

A giant hand 
squeezes Superman so hard that his head pops off. Batman runs towards 
Superman, too late to save his friend.
World's Finest Comics issue 235 January 1976

Smiling placidly, a 
tied and bound Wonder Woman bids her grim-faced male captors to kill 
her. Overhead, Elongated Man spies on the scene and records it with a 
portable movie camera. This issue was part of series where Wonder Woman, a 
long-time member of the Justice League of America, was unbeknownst 
to her, auditioning to rejoin the JLA.
Wonder Woman issue 219 September-October (1975?)

While Archie and 
Betty toil away at a beachside seafood stand, Mr. Weatherbee strolls up 
and asks Archie if he serves crabs. Archie motions to a seated smiling 
black student and cheerfully replies that 'we'll serve anybody.'
Archie and Me issue 113 September 1979


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